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The Morning After

Zach and his friend had been out, partying all night at fraternityx. They wound up in the commons room together with Rad, a tattooed guy they pound frequently. Zach and Dayton really tore up his ass, pounding rough and thrusting real deep. Rad shot his jizzload as Zach was shagging him, next Zach squirted a massive load all over Rad’s face. Dayton watched them banging like dogs till he blasted all over his chest. What a great fraternity x video this is. So let’s get it started and see this horny hunks as they have a piece of one another’s asses for this whole gallery today. Some nice and hot scenes expect you once more as you get to see some hard style fucks getting done.

As the cameras start to roll, you get to see the two studs Zach and Dayton as they wake up from a nice and long night of partying late. And the first thing that seems to be on their mind today is fucking. So not waiting around any longer, the two guys get naked one more time revealing those big and hard cocks, and to start things off you get to see them sucking and slurping on one another’s dick in a nice sixty nine scene. Then you get to see Dayton with his ass upside down as he gets his tight little ass fucked nice and hard by Zach and his big hard cock today. Enjoy this superb sex show and see you guys next week with some more nice and fresh galleries everyone! If you’re looking for similar content, check out Jake Cruise’s website and see him getting his ass fucked!


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FraternityX Sketchy Sex

Nothing beats a large line plus two rock solid dicks in your butt and mouth and all this filmed for fraternityx videos. After some crazy few days of drinking a lot of these college dudes piled to the basement for sketchy sex. Lovers Cody and Tyler began with their asses. Then Tyler wished to change turns and get fucked. And all this came to fruition as the studs decided to spend the afternoon having some wild fun for the cameras and you guys eventually. And they were really horny too, so nothing could distract them from getting into a nice and wild fuck for this afternoon. Let’s see all of these studs in action today and enjoy their fraternity x show.

fraternityx-sketchy-sex sketchy-sex

As we said, Tyler and Cody are the two main attractions here, but they were tailed all day long by this guy, and well since he proved to be one cock hungry little guy himself, the two dudes decided to take him with them in their nice little joyride for this scene. Watch as the guy gets to take turns riding Tyler and Cody’s cock today for visit for other horny studs. Well that’s until Tyler decided to ride some cock as well and took the dude’s place. So watch the more experienced Tyler as he gets some big cocks stuffed in his ass for this afternoon and enjoy him riding those big dicks hard style for the whole session. Have fun with it and see you next time everyone!

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Voyeur’s Dream

Welcome! Today one of the sexy fratboys was fucking his friend and another fraternityx dude was observing the hardcore sex scene behind the living room door. The two dudes swapped blowjobs, then next sexy Zach nailedthe assholeoff this guy. The sexy twink was absolutely amazed cause he didn’t knew that big cocked Zach likes hard ass poundings! After he finished, he took care of his fuck buddy! He pounded him so rough that nearly broke the bed. This really is an amazing update and you get to see two very hot studs getting to do some nice and hard fucking in this simply amazing gallery today. So let’s get this little scene of theirs started for this fine day shall we?

It’s a lucky thing that the other guy caught all this on cameras as you will be able to enjoy one nice and hard style fuck session with some horny hunks today as they have sex in relative peace. And you get to see this nice show start off with one of them giving a nice blow job to the other as he sits on top of him on the bed. Then you get to see the submissive guy as she turns on his belly and presents his fuck buddy with his round and tight little ass too. So just sit back and watch the two horny guys go for it as they have one nice and hard style gay fuck for this whole superb and hot gallery update today everyone. We’ll see you again next week with even more!


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Fraternity X The Initiation

Anthony met Myles at the Biology class. He seen him looking at some guys butt between classes. After a few weeks Anthony invited this new guy over for the official fraternity initiation. We really love college, and it seems that these guys do so as well. As in this nice scene you can watch some college dudes that are seniors have a nice little initiation party for the freshmen this fine evening. Rest assured that everyone here just loves cocks, and the freshmen are in for one wild night with all of these older and horny studs. Let’s sit back and get this show on the road as you must be really eager to see what went down in the dorm for this fine evening.

the initiation

As the scene starts off, you get to see the freshmen getting some explanations on what’s going to be going down tonight and they seem pretty happy about it themselves. The seniors tell them that the initiation for today is cock sucking, and they have to do a impressive job in order to pass the test. The trick is that it didn’t matter, as long as all of them were ready to get down and suck on some cock tonight. And so you get to see all of the freshmen studs as they take turns to suck on the senior guys’ cocks for this whole update. Sit back and enjoy this blowjob fest and rest assured that we’ll have some more nice scenes for you guys to see next week as well. See you then everyone! Wanna see other sexy gay guys fucking each other’s tight ass? If you do, you might visit theguysite!

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FraternityX The Chaser

The fraternityx dudes got quite crazy a week ago during an mid-day party. A bunch of them began on the vodka drinks. Quickly the attention switched on Jake, the largest cock hungry fellow in the frat house. He knows sperm is a great chaser after an excellent shot of vodka, and there’s enough jizz in these videos to satisfy any starving ass. Jake’s asshole is a real jizz hole, and this movie is incredibly hot! Three hot collegeboys alternate fucking another guys butthole. Well as you can clearly see this turned out to be quite the nice little fuck party today and you get to see it all as usual. So let’s get started and see these guys having themselves some good times together.

As the scene starts off, you can see that for today what expects you is a nice and hard style gay fuck fest with lots of horny dudes. And rest assured that you will get to see some nice and tight asses fucked throughout the scene this time. It all starts when these guys have a bit too much fun with drinks and they start to get naughty and horny. One dude in particular could hardly wait to have his butthole stretched by his buddies, and so, you get to see him bent over the table and get his ass fucked in turns by all of the guys there. Then you get to see the studs go all out in a nice and hot jizz fest as they blow their big loads on one another for the rest of the scene as well. Enjoy the show!


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Fraternity X Pussy Boy

The fraternity x gang had a major blow out a week ago, and everybody got trashed. The following morning they started on the alcohol once again. Anthony had not even slept at all. He is a jizz hungry dude, and is constantly fucked up and starving for more and more cum. We decided this was an ideal opportunity to take his desire for dick and jizz to its limits. Well this nice stud does have one hot and tight asshole and you can hardly resist not wanting to fuck it nice and hard with your cock. So for this afternoon that’s exactly what happens to him as he gets his round ass pounded by a nice and big cock.


The scene starts with his new fuck buddy visiting him in the dorm, and as you will see, this little man slut is quite eager to get this whole show started too. You get to see this cute stud as he begins to provide a nice and deep blow job for his firend, and when that cock is all nice and hard, he gets bent over and fucked nice and hard from behind. So watch him moan in pleasure as that big and rock hard cock slides into his tight ass. And after some time his tight butt gets fucked fast and hard too. Enjoy this dude getting his nice and rough anal fuck today and come back next week for some more nice and fresh scenes that we’ll show off. Bye bye everyone and see you then!

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FraternityX – Face Fucked

Dustin is a sexy little fraternityx gay Canuck studying at ASU. He just lately showed up at the fraternity x doorstep after a few days of drinking in Tempe. His poor nose was broken up after a small brawl outside of the local pubs and he necessary a place to sleep. Angelo and Roman, two perverted studs, wanted a taste of his sweet ass and Dustin is aware that nothing in this frat house is free. Well this scene is straight forward, so let’s just sit back and get the action started to see the hunks in action today.

The sexy and horny Dustin had a bet today in which he decided to show off how much cock he can take in his horny mouth. So all of his buddies decided to help him out offering their nice and hard cocks for him to suck on. Sit back and watch this amazing stud as he offers oral pleasures to all of these guys, taking turns to suck them dry of all their jizz for the afternoon today. We know that you will love him and rest assured he will be back as well. And do enjoy the past updates as well everyone. For similar hardcore gay sex scenes, check out the military classified site!


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Morgan is a Hot Mess

Morgan in the next fraternity bitch. He’s a freshman and some of the frat boys invited him to their house for a drink. He was not in the disposition for drinking, so when he was not looking their spiked it with something extra. This boy slut could not get enough of their dicks. We’re not sure but we think he’ll be back for more as he just adored this superb fuck fest in which he had his nice and tight ass fucked hard style by all the guys at this little fuck party. So let’s watch them in action without further due today shall we?

morgan gets a nice fuck from the frat guys

You know by now that sexy and hot hunk Morgan just adores having lots of big cocks fucking his ass, and this was no different. He got as much ass fucking as he wanted, as the guys took turns to stretch out that nice and tight ass holes of his for this whole video. So stick around and watch the whole video with him as he moans in pleasure with his nice and tight ass getting pounded by hard cock after hard cock. See you guys soon as always with more amazing and hot scenes, and rest assured that you will see even more soon!

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Fraternity X – Double Penetration University

The fraternity x gay boys played some games. Toss the soccer ball around and the person who, drops it first – gets fucked hardcore. Well obviously Grant, our little puppy bitch drops it. Everybody know it was deliberately. You probably remember Grant, a few months ago we found him drunk outside the 7-11. This guy loves all the cocks in all his holes. He simply can’t get enough cocks up his tight 21 year-old hole. And you get to see it all as always in this fresh and hot video that we have for you in this afternoon everyone.

Take the time and enjoy as you get to see some more wild guys having wild times with their fuck scenes for the afternoon. Like we said, Grant was about to learn how to enjoy some nice double anal from two big cocks, and the other two studs sure took their time too. Enjoy seeing him bouncing up and down the hard cocks today and have fun with the whole scene. We will be seeing you once more next week with fresh scenes just like always, so make sure that you guys stay tuned not to miss them!

double penetration on fraternityx video

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Another episode from Party Foul series

Jansen, the next fraternity x gay dude, is a sexy 20 year old puppy with blue eyes and with a great round bum.He’s our newest freshman face – he claims to be straight however once you offer him a few drinks this hot jock adores cock. So as soon as he passed out at our latest mixer, naughty Morgan was all over his cock. You know our rule! Well anyway, this guy had one too much to drink and this lovely other guy decided to give him a nice wake up call after their long party night.


This other guy just woke up and he was in the mood to get some cock in his mouth first thing in the morning, and since this guy stuck around he had his morning meal ready. Take the time to see him whipping that cock out, and just enjoy seeing him working it nicely with his juicy lips. He was doing such a great job that he was making the other guy moan in pleasure as he was sucking his cock while he was sleeping so we think that he did do something right at least. Enjoy it and see you soon as always!

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