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During an afternoon party we decided to video tape some of our usual crap. In these last days, Jake, a sexy teen dude was hanging around the frat house hoping for someone to screw his ass. Well, his wish came true one night when a few of the guys drink a little more and got in the mood for something nasty. The rest is for you to find out; therefore cum inside and watch the full scene. It’s full of hot guys enjoying some nice and hard style gay sex, so just take your time to see the action going down today everyone.

As this superb scene starts off you can see the horny trio as they begin their little fun session on the bed, and they are all ready to get to have some kinky fun for you guys. Let’s see the show going down, and watch them in action without due shall we? You get to see this hunk as he sucks his friends’ cocks nice and long to get them hard, and then you can see him taking a nice and hard style ass pounding for your viewing pleasure. Have fun and see you guys soon with many more amazing scenes.

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Frat X brought you another great scene from your favorite college studs. They won’t disappoint you, because they have another freshman getting his ass hammered in this rough door room fucking session. This poor guy didn’t know what he was getting in to but he sure found out pretty quickly. The guy wanted the initiate him in the fraternity x way so they invited him to their room and got everything on camera for you guys. They started with a cock sucking session and ended up taking turns on fucking his tight virgin ass. And you have the pictures to prove it! So enjoy this exclusive gallery and make sure to get back for more hardcore gay sex!


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Today is your lucky day because we have another great Fraternity X free sex scene. These frat guys just can’t stop and we sure are happy about that. This time one of their parties went a bit more wild than they expected and ended up being more of a frat orgy that a frat party. The best part is that they always find a cute freshman to play around with and most of the time he is willing to try new things as well. As you can see from the gallery everything took place in the bathroom and everyone wanted a piece of that tight ass. The hot freshman guy had a great first day and ended up having this tight asshole stretched by half of the college campus. But you have to check it out by yourself because this scene is too wild to describe in words.

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We have more frat x videos brought to you by fraternity x. As usual our horny college guy aren’t up to no good so get ready for another steamy gay sex scene. They had a welcome party for their newest member of their fraternity and they sure know how to welcome someone. Everyone knew what they were getting into so they jumped over the greetings and ended up trying out the new boy’s tight ass. Being a frat party everyone joined them and they all took turns on stretching his nice virgin ass. The fraternityx guys sure know how to have a great time and they definitely enjoyed their little encounter. So don’t miss out this amazing frat x fuck scene and make sure to come back for more great scene. Enjoy it and see next time!

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We have another fraternityx video prepared for you guys. Our frat boys are up to no good this time. After an insane party the boys wanted more so they had their own little after party with only a few guests. After they cleaned out the bar and got in the right mood things got hotter and hotter. The boys had their own cameraman and got these hot pictures for you and this gallery. After a long blowjob session they spiced things up and started taking turns on fucking each others asses and we got the pictures to prove it. Hope you guys enjoyed it and we’ll see you next time with more frat x porn session!

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Today you are in for a treat because we have free fraternityx videos. Another great video and of course a great gallery is waiting for you. These guys don’t like wasting any time and as you all know they jump right to the fun part. Last week they had a new guy transferred to their dorm and of course they had to try him out as soon as possible. So at their next party they made sure he was all liquored up  and after talking to him for a while he agreed to give it a try. There wasn’t any time to loose so they went straight to the bedroom and got his tight ass fucked for the very first time. Surprisingly he actually enjoyed it and ended up having his ass pounded by all his dorm room colleagues. But to get a better idea of what happened there that night you can take a look at these pictures, they will show you what actually happened. Enjoy it!



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We have more free fraternity x videos for you guys. As you can see in the gallery we have prepared these horny frat guys always find a new guy to play around with it. The poor guy is in his first year and ended up in the same room with a senior student that is into guys. After a few night in the campus he was invited to one of the frat party and by the end of the night he got to know everyone and after seeing that everyone there was into guys he thought to give it a try. After a few more glasses he went back to his room with a few of the guys and had their own party. And what a party it was! The seniors sure showed him a great time and in no time he was naked and taking their dicks up his tight cute ass. You can see the photos below and there is a video as well that you got to see. That all for this time but make sure you came back soon because we have more hot scenes for you guys!

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Hey there and welcome back to another fraternityx free sex scene! As usual we have a special gallery for you guys, just to give an idea of what happened with our favorite fraternity guys.  The parties never stop and of course there can’t be a party without some ass fucking. Each time the guys are together nothing good can come out of it and this wasn’t an exception. After having a couple of drinks and playing some strip fussball they ended up on the couch fucking one another tight assholes. The winners had the first pick and they sure gave us some great pics. Hope you guys liked it and will return for more hot scenes!


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Gay Fraternity X

We have another gay fraternity x scene for all you lucky guys. Our gay frat guys are in the mood for some fun and luckily for them they have their dorm all for themselves. This isn’t their first time so they kind of knew how things were going to happen. They started their night with a couple of drinks and in no time they were completely naked,taking turns on sucking each others fat dicks. Their cameraman didn’t miss a thing so you can see all the dick sucking and ass stretching that took place that night.  Hope you guys enjoy this insane gallery and come back next time for more quality gay porn. See you soon!

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