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College guys go nuts

Although this fraternityx guy will not admit it, he will do about anything to feel a big dick up his asshole. As for perverted Myles, it will only take a few drinks to get his cock out and he is ready to fuck. And that because for these college guys a hole is a hole. If there’s one thing that’s sure, it’s that these guys sure know how to party. Take the time to see the hot gay studs going down on each other and see the action going down fully. Let’s get this show on the road and see the amazing show shall we?

These two wanted to document just how horny and kinky they can get when they have the chance to, and you can just about see it all only here today everyone. Watch this guy whipping out that nice and hard meat pole that was just waiting to give a nice and tight ass a pounding first. Then you get to see his buddy taking his spot on top of it, and he rides it with his ass like a true champ as well. As per usual enjoy this fresh and sexy gay fuck scene, and see you next week with some more fresh and hot updates!

frat guyz go crazy on video

See these frat boyz go crazy on video!

FraternityX – Pee Bitch

All the fraternityx guyz love beer nearly as much as semen, and they do not like to waste it. Therefore after poor Anthony dropped his drink on kitchen floor, the guys thought to make an example of the poor dude. They tied his ass to the toilet and all the guys took turns pissing on his face and fucking his cherry hole. Anthony was a human toilette for the day taking all the dirty cum and piss. Well either way, this is one scene that you just have to see today if you are into guys having some hard style fun. So let’s not waste time and see the action going down without delay.

college guy turns into a real submissive slave

As another fresh week started off, we just had to bring you this lovely and sexy scene to see. It’s quite full of superb and hard style gay sex action, and we’re sure that you will just adore it. Watch as we said, this guy getting one superbly hard and nasty ass pounding, and then see him as he gets to be drenched in piss as well for the end of the scene. It’s quite the superb video if you’re into this kind of thing, so have fun and enjoy it. We will be waiting for you guys right here with more next week!


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Dustin gets face fucked

Dustin is a sexy little dude studying at ASU. He showed up at the fraternity x doorstep after a weekend of excessive drinking in Tempe needing a place to stay. Of course Angelo and Roman let him in planning to have a taste of his sweet ass. Dustin is a smart fellow and knows that nothing in this house is free. So you get to see a nice and superb little video with the hot studs playing naughty and kinky for you, and that results in some pretty amazing and hot gay fuck scenes with the studs playing with each other today.

For this one you can call it a foursome as no less than four guys were present for this fuck and they decided to have as much fun as possible in front of the cameras. Watch as this guy gets to be the man slut, and see him taking a nice and hard balls deep ass fucking from one guy, and meanwhile he gets to suck and slurp on the other’s hard cock as well. And of course he also does a hand job for the fourth guy as well. Enjoy this fine and fresh gay fuck fest and see you guys next week with some more nice and hard style gay sex scenes.

slutty college guy sucks cock for place to sleep

See this cum loving guy sucking cock for a place to sleep!

FraternityX – Sloppy Seconds

Still fuzzy from the night drinking before, Conner gets his ass hammered on his desk when we enter the room with the video camera. Then Conner moves to a cozy chair where he gets plowed even more. In the end, this dude splatters all around Conner’s tummy and leaves allowing another dude to comes in and do just the same thing. Anyway, let’s just get this show on the road and see the action going down, as we bet that you guys are also eager to see the guys getting around to have some sweet sexual fun for your viewing pleasure.

cum lover frat guy gets jizzed by two perverted college dudes

Well what can be said, the guy in the black shirt was all up for playing with his buddy to please him, and he knew exactly what he was getting himself into. Take your time to sit back and watch this hot gay action going down without delay today, and see them playing naughty and kinky just for you today. You get to see some amazing and superb cock sucking sessions going down, and of course some nice and hard style ass fucking too. Enjoy this superb and sexy scene today and see the superb and hard style gay action that goes down with the two!

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Cock Hole

After a little verbal abuse from the guys, Jake gets on his knees with a dick in each hole. This is just about the usual in the fraternity house. They talk some crap and then a frat house bitch ends up getting hammered in all his holes. There’s no bigger bitch than Jake. Continuing the style with the hot and sexy threesomes, this fine day we have some more nice shows for you to see. For this one you get to see one stud taking care of two cocks with his oral skills, and you get to see the whole thing too.

You will be able to see them getting those nice and fine cocks taken care of by this true cock sucking professional, and like we said you get full access to the whole scene today. Take your time to see this stud whipping out their nice and hard cocks, and see him starting to suck and slurp on them with a passion, making his new fuck buddies moan right from the start. Of course, his reward is a nice and big sticky jizz load all over his face in this superb update today. Have fun with it everyone, and see you next week as usual!

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Enjoy as this frathouse bitch sucks two cocks at once!

Fraternity X – Late Night Orgy

Three of the fraternity x buddies were screwing around in the get-together room so we grab the camera. Jackson was trying to shove his large, cock down Zach’s tight throat, however these two end up in a naked wresting on the floor. No need to tell you more – maybe just that the scene ends with a gangbang on Zach’s ass. Just like last time we have a nice trio of studs getting ready to have some sexual fun for you guys, and you can bet that it’s quite the scene to see with them as they get to have more nice and sexy fun.

late nate orgy at fraternityx

As the cameras start to roll, you get to watch the hunks beginning their fun session, and you can surely bet that they were more than in the mood to have some hard style fun. Enjoy watching this show go down for this fine day, and see as they get undressed, and kiss each other passionately in the beginning. And then you can see one of the horny dudes as he gets double fucked in both his ass and mouth today by the other two. Enjoy the scene guys and see you next week again!


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Tie the Bitch Up

During an afternoon party we decided to video tape some of our usual crap. In these last days, Jake, a sexy teen dude was hanging around the frat house hoping for someone to screw his ass. Well, his wish came true one night when a few of the guys drink a little more and got in the mood for something nasty. The rest is for you to find out; therefore cum inside and watch the full scene. It’s full of hot guys enjoying some nice and hard style gay sex, so just take your time to see the action going down today everyone.

As this superb scene starts off you can see the horny trio as they begin their little fun session on the bed, and they are all ready to get to have some kinky fun for you guys. Let’s see the show going down, and watch them in action without due shall we? You get to see this hunk as he sucks his friends’ cocks nice and long to get them hard, and then you can see him taking a nice and hard style ass pounding for your viewing pleasure. Have fun and see you guys soon with many more amazing scenes.

new guy abused and fucked

See this submissive cute guy forced to milk two cocks!

Frat X – Balls Deep

Frat X brought you another great scene from your favorite college studs. They won’t disappoint you, because they have another freshman getting his ass hammered in this rough door room fucking session. This poor guy didn’t know what he was getting in to but he sure found out pretty quickly. The guy wanted the initiate him in the fraternity x way so they invited him to their room and got everything on camera for you guys. They started with a cock sucking session and ended up taking turns on fucking his tight virgin ass. And you have the pictures to prove it! So enjoy this exclusive gallery and make sure to get back for more hardcore gay sex!


Check out this freshman getting roughly fucked!

Fraternity X Free

Today is your lucky day because we have another great Fraternity X free sex scene. These frat guys just can’t stop and we sure are happy about that. This time one of their parties went a bit more wild than they expected and ended up being more of a frat orgy that a frat party. The best part is that they always find a cute freshman to play around with and most of the time he is willing to try new things as well. As you can see from the gallery everything took place in the bathroom and everyone wanted a piece of that tight ass. The hot freshman guy had a great first day and ended up having this tight asshole stretched by half of the college campus. But you have to check it out by yourself because this scene is too wild to describe in words.


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Fraternity X – Get It!

Ethan has quite a sexy body and the boys at fraternity x are waiting in line for the opportunity to tap his ass. Happily for them Ethan is really a boy slut and like to feel more then one cock inside. So watch him bending over the bed  waiting for some big cocks to fuck the shit right out of him. Sow hat we have here is another simply amazing gay group fuck that you will surely love to see, and you can rest assured that it was quite awesome. So let’s watch this show go down without any delay, and see the studs having some wild times this fine afternoon.

slutty guy gets gangbanged by three fellas

This superb group fuck had one of the studs taking ass fucking after ass fucking from all the guys at the place there, and you can bet that he’s the most sluttiest guy that you can find. He just wanted to have all those nice and big cocks stuck up in his ass, and he was very happy to bend over and take it like champ. Sit back and watch his nice and fine ass stretched nice and wide in turns by these guys and their hard cocks, and enjoy the whole scene. We will be back next week with some more amazing and hot scenes just as usual!

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