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The Initiation

Anthony met this dude Myles while taking some Biology course at ASU. He saw him checking him up in between classes and after a few weeks of hanging out, Anthony invited him to the frat house for his initiation. What can we say after this incredible fraternity x update – we love college! And of course, this little initiation ceremony is here for everyone to see in this nice gallery update today too. So let’s not waste time and let’s get straight into the action to see the hot studs playing and having sexual fun with each other today just for you guys.

Spirits were high, and after some nice beers and such everyone lost all of their inhibitions. Take your time to enjoy this scene properly, and watch this superb fuck fest going down today. We are sure that you will adore it, and all over the place you can get to see guys fucking, sucking cock, or having a nice wanking too. Suffice to say that after all of this was done, the whole place was covered in sweat and jizz after the successful party and we hope to see one more of these blowouts go down soon enough too. Enjoy it as always guys!

new guy gets fucked by all the fraternity

See these frat boyz taking turns on fucking the new guy’s ass!

FraternityX – Hungry Hole

Last weekend’s fraternityx video was unbelievable! Grant & Ethan were banging for hours in their garage! The same time Benny could not get enough dick and try to fuck every one available in the house! Finally, Grant and Ethan teamed up and took turns hammering Benny’s holes. Now Benny here always likes to get to be the one in the middle of a fuck, and we mean that both figuratively and literally. And since he had two horny guys on his hands today, he was more than happy with letting them fuck him hard style for update.

nympho guy gets a nice fuck at fraternityx

Benny is the most cock hungry guy that you can find in the frat house that he’s in, and all guys know who to come to to let them stick their cocks in his ass, or to get one superb blowjob. Today you get to see the hot and horny hunk Benny as he gets to do some nice and hard cock sucking for one guy, and meanwhile he has the other penetrating him from behind, fucking his nice and tight ass hard style in this fresh video. Enjoy it, and do take your time to check out the past scenes as well to see more hot guys!

Enjoy as this horny dude gets a rough fuck from both ends!

Blue Balls

The morning following a night of hanging out, Angelo had a bad case of blue balls. Blue balls? Never had those till now at fraternity x. He was masturbating for hours! Luckily for him, Anthony and Roman turned up hunting a nice hole to bang. Slutty Angelo was so starving for dick, he could hardly contain himself. Watch him swallowing all the jizz he gets. Well as this guy needed some release for his balls, his buddy that just woke up was all prepared to let him enjoy himself for a bit and unload those filled nuts on his face too for today.

Sit back and watch this show get started as the guy enters this other dude’s room this morning, and he tells him of his predicament. Well as this guy hears his plea, he’s willing on the spot to let him unload, so just take your time to enjoy watching him lay on his back in bed while his buddy gets to shove that nice and big dick in his mouth today. You get to see the dude in bed get a nice face fucking today, until the stud blows his large jizz load in his mouth, and in the ended both of them are happy. See you soon with more updates!

frat guy starving for cock

See this gay college dude taking a big cock down his throat!

A Hole is a Hole

We found poor Grant without his shirt and drunk outside our 7-11. He was drunk, as I said, yelling obscenities to the chicks leaving the store. Because someone called the police I told him he should relax at our fraternity house. Poor guy was so trashed. Because he kept looking at my ass I knew that if I just kept him drunk, he would want to fuck my ass. And that because when you are that drunk, a hole is a hole. Well a hole also means ass hole, but hey it has many uses. So let’s just sit back and watch another amazing and fresh video with hot and sexy hunks.

muscled college guys drinking and having sex

These two muscled studs just came back from the gym, and they were all nice and eager to get to do some fucking. Take your time and enjoy this fresh and hot video, and watch these two starting to joke around as they show off their dicks to one another. Then from there it all got better, and you get to see them sucking each other’s nice and big cocks, and of course after that some nice and hard style fucking gets done too. We hope that you will like it, and we’ll see you next time as per usual with some more amazing scenes!

See these college guys drinking and fucking at a frat party!

Fraternity X – No means Yes

Anthony is with fraternity x for about a year. When we 1st met this dude, he was selling marijuana on campus. Since he moved in our frat house, he simply can not get enough of our dicks. This nympho slut is sucking cock 24/7, and he also pretends to not enjoy it. Once in a while he gets fucked as well. Like in the next scene.Oh, come on, we know you like it and you will see in this video as this guy demonstrates proper double cock sucking technique as he gets to stuff his face with the man meat that he so much desired for this afternoon.

The cameras start rolling, and the stud drops to his knees on the spot ready to get to do some work on the cocks. Sit back and watch him whipping out the cocks, and as you will see they were already getting hard in the anticipation of this superb fuck scene. Then you get to see this stud shoving both cocks in his mouth, and with a superb passion you get to see him starting to work them nicely, and even using some kinky tongue action on the cocks as well. Enjoy it, and see you soon with more amazing updates everyone.

slutty dude blowing two cocks at once

Click here and see this nympho dude sucking two cocks at once

Big Dick Fucks Little Dick

During our recent mixer, the frat guys had big dick competition. Naturally Jackson won together with his large ten inch meat. Someone, we don’t know who, invited this guy Trevor to our party. Shit, this dud has a cock the size of my finger. Hey, here at the fraternity house if you got a small dick – you will get fucked! So watch him getting ass fucked by all the guys in the house. You may not know this, but as far as frat house rules go, the one that has the smaller cock gets to be on the receiving end. And seeing as they got a fresh man again and he’s the smallest of them, well he got to have a nice ass fucking today!

sluty dude takes a super sized penis inside his ass

As another fresh week started off, we just had to bring you this nice and fresh scene today. In it you can watch some superb and sexy scenes with this slim and sexy hunk taking a nice fucking, and all of his buddies get to take turns penetrating his fine round butt with their mighty cocks. He gets to be fucked so good in the ass this fine afternoon, that even he ends up blowing a load all over himself, and of course the rest cream his ass nicely too!

Watch these big dicked studs nailing the new guy up his ass!

FraternityX – Pays the Rent

We generally shoot our fraternityx videos during parties when everybody is totally trashed. However these guys start to like it non stop. Jose and Bently claim that it’s just for the easy money yet everyone knows its because they simply love cock. So cum inside and watch them sucking each other’s dicks dry on video! Take your time to see the superb and awesome fuck scene today with this nice and hot group of horny gay studs, and see some more nice and hot action going down without delay today. We know you’re eager to see them play as well.

The thing is that these guys got bored for this afternoon, and they decided that the best way to spend this time was to have a contest. But not just any type of contest. As you can see in this video, it was a nice and sexy cock sucking contest, and the winner would be the one to get a jizz load in his mouth or on his face the first. Sit back and watch some horny guys moaning in pleasure as they have their nice and big dicks sucked hard style for this scene, and enjoy seeing them shooting their loads all over the contestants in the end!

gay frat boyz go crazy on video

Enjoy as these gay frat boyz go crazy on video!

8 Dude Gangbang

As we promised you last week, we are here again having a fresh fraternity x scene. Today we thought to pick a stud off the street, take him to our apartment and fuck his tight ass. Initially we thought he’ll be a pussy, and that we’ll gonna to tie him up, but this dude, was really cock hungry! He wound up taking all of our cocks. Enjoy this video is the pure gangbang style! Since you guys just loved seeing lots and lots of hot and horny studs getting it on, today, we have some more group sex action with more hunks, and you get to watch it all on camera as well.

slutty guy gets hammered by 8 large cocks

So without further due, let’s watch this fuck fest going down with no less than 8 guys ganging up on this stud and penetrating him nice and hard for the whole scene today. You can rest assured that it was quite the show to see with them, and we bet that you will be entertained as well. Enjoy watching that lucky guy bending over, and see his cute and round ass getting plowed in turns by huge cock after huge cock as all the guys take turns to fuck him hard style today. He sure enjoyed himself and we hope to have him here again soon!

Click here and enjoy as this submissive guy gets abused by 8 dudes!

Fraternity X – Freshman Ass

Seth, the guy from the next fraternity x video, is a freshman at ASU. He kinda misses home and looks to meet different people. Bently welcomed him over to our frat house for some beverages after school. These boyz had a bit too much, and four fellas ended up hammering both his holes for about an hour. This poor guy was such a bitch – he simply wouldn’t stop crying. to be fair, this freshman knows quite a lot of stuff, and in this fresh and hot video you get to see him riding some nice and hard cock just for your enjoyment. Let’s get started and see him in action shall we?

The scene starts off with these other two telling him what he’s suppose to be doing for today, and he agrees on the spot. Well even though the cock of one of them was a pretty tight fit for his fresh ass today, he was a true chap about it, and took it heroically. Watch his nice and round butt as it gets to be stretched nice and wide by a hard and ready cock today. You can see him moaning in pleasure too, and at the end of it, he gets to have a nice and big jizz load all over his cute and sexy ass as well. Have fun with it!

freshman gets his hole abused

Watch as this freshman’s hole gets abused by 4 guys!

Tight Hole

Travis introduced a pink drink to an mid day get together. After several shots of alcohol, Jackson, Tyler plus Anthony decided that he needed to pay for that drink. Jackson started this party once he pulled out his fatty and got poor Travis on his knees. Next Tyler n’ Anthony shoved their cocks inside his mouth. After face fucked him nicely they bent him over and plug the other hole. Well this freshman here is going to be learning how stuff goes down in the frat house for this afternoon and his elders here are going to be teaching him all that he needs to know today.

freshman tight hole abused by three fat cocks

And you can bet that they’d be doing that by using their nice and big cocks on his fresh new ass today too. First of all they need to teach him how to blow cock properly as he will be taking care of his seniors’ dicks quite often. And after that, it’s legs spread and in the air, as these studs take turns to plant their huge cocks in his fine and tight little ass for today. Sit back and watch him taking a nice and hard style ass fucking from them, and see you guys next week with more amazing and fresh scenes!

Enjoy as these horny guys go crazy on this freshman’s hole!

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