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FraternityX – Face Fucked

Dustin is a sexy little fraternityx gay Canuck studying at ASU. He just lately showed up at the fraternity x doorstep after a few days of drinking in Tempe. His poor nose was broken up after a small brawl outside of the local pubs and he necessary a place to sleep. Angelo and Roman, two perverted military classified studs, wanted a taste of his sweet ass and Dustin is aware that nothing in this frat house is free.


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Morgan is a Hot Mess

Morgan in the next fraternityx bitch. He’s a freshman and some of the frat boys invited him to their house for a drink. He was not in the disposition for drinking, so when he was not looking their spiked it with something extra. This boy slut could not get enough of their dicks. We’re not sure but we think he’ll be back for more.

morgan gets a nice fuck from the frat guys

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Double Penetration University

The fraternityx gay boys played some games. Toss the soccer ball around and the person who, drops it first – gets fucked hardcore. Well obviously Grant, our little puppy bitch drops it. Everybody know it was deliberately. You probably remember Grant, a few months ago we found him drunk outside the 7-11. This guy loves all the cocks in all his holes. He simply can’t get enough cocks up his tight 21 year-old hole.

double penetration on fraternityx video

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Another episode from Party Foul series

Jansen, the next fraternity x gay dude, is a sexy 20 year old puppy with blue eyes and with a great round bum.He’s our newest freshman face – he claims to be straight however once you offer him a few drinks this hot jock adores cock. So as soon as he passed out at our latest mixer, naughty Morgan was all over his cock. You know our rule!


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Throw that dick in

A simple duo video just isn’t our usual fraternityx video, however everyone knows Benny’s insatiable hunger for dick. So we thought Jackson and him will make a great hot movie together. Jackson’s 10 inches of hard meat wasn’t enough to fulfill Benny’s needs. Half way on this vide, they pulled the camera guy in, shagged and breed his tight hole.

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Fraternity X – Frat Bitch

After giving poor Jake some hard times for being a pussy, we taught he needed to blow some cock. So that is how the next fraternity x video began. It does not take long to get slutty Jake down on his knees blowing dick. Some shots of alcohol will do it. He definitely is the frat house slut.

frat bitch gets fucked from both ends

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FraternityX – The Stuffing

Usually the fraternityx guys have no idea about what day it is. However Thanksgiving sure is a special time for stuffing n’ breeding sexy college guys holes. So we served up slutty Grant for an special feast, filling his tight hole with our cum.

frat boys fucking in the kitchen

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Ride That Cock

Everybody in the frat house fucked Jake. His slutty ass is free for all. Last day Cody and his room mate ended up tag teaming Jake in the downstairs bedroom. So we have another gangbang video for you. They had a lot enjoyable time face fucking him and allowing him to ride their cocks. No matter how many cocks Jake gets it’s never enough.

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Fuck and Chuck

The frat guys woke up last day to find out that Grant drank all their booze. Of course Carter had to teach this fellow a lesson; fraternityx style. Therefore three frat guys hammered both his holes all morning. In the end they dumped their loads into his tight hole. Enjoy!


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FraternityX – Frat dudes go down on each other

Our all time favorite movie is of course ‘Scarface’. The fraternityx guys watch it all the time! Nothing better then watching Pacino rip the shit out of you with a dick inside your mouth and another up your ass. However, wile the other guys watched the movie two frat dudes had other things in mind.

hot college dudes sucking each other off

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