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Fucked Up

The fraternity guys found a new bitch for their house. This guy was just transferred to their school and from what they heard this guy likes riding dicks and he couldn’t get enough. He joined the frat and in his first night there he got to know the guys. Well, he got to know them more that they actually wanted too but no one is complaining. When you’re the new guy you want to get well with the older guys so this worked out great for everyone. And it’s not like the new guy didn’t like getting his ass fucked! Maybe a little heads up would’ve been in order, but it still went great.

This guy went crazy on them and started taking turns on riding their dicks like they were elevators. He really couldn’t get enough of them. The guys just laid back and got their cocks sucked. The new guy then threw his fine ass to the ground and then the frat guys drilled this guy’s hole. One of the frat bros covered his loud mouth so the guys couldn’t hear him screaming. This was an epic update and you check it out to see how this ended in this crazy fraternityx update. Enjoy it!


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