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Dustin wound up crashing at the fraternity x videos house again a week ago. The subsequent morning, the frat guys were not nice to him. Studs Cody, Scotty and Angelo took turns in face fucking and hammering both his holes. Almost through this gangbang, Roman took a break as holding a video camera. There exists a rule in this fraternityx house, if you wuss out within a party – you get screwed! The guys thought he required a little wash before breaking him in. We do not care how it’s offered, we simply like beer! And you will absolutely adore this scene. So watch the whole video and see some nice and hot fuck scenes.


As you loved each and every one of our super hot and sexy group fuck scenes, today you get to see some more nice videos with lots of guys going balls deep in each other’s asses. Today’s attraction in this scene is one of the studs that’s very cock hungry and the others? Well they line up behind him to get to fuck that nice and tight little ass for this hot afternoon. Enjoy the video everyone and rest easy cowing that the guy got his fill of big cocks as he got fucked by all the guys in the room in his ass. We will be waiting for your return next week with some more fresh and hot videos guys. See you then!


Wake and Fuck Gay GangBang

The new and juicy content update this time has a wake and fuck gangbang action scene to reveal to you and you can bet that you will not want to skip out on the gloriousness that is this one. Let's check out some guys as they wake up and get to fuck as the first thing when they do. We can promise that it's going to be one hell of a ride here today!

They get to rouse from their drowsy state and the little clothes that they have on come off really fast. They have morning wood of course and those hard erections aren't going to go down just as is. So yeah, be sure to check out this fantastic new scene and watch the guys getting into it more and more as they move from cock sucking to ass fucking in their gay gangbang for this morning. Enjoy your stay and we will see you again next week with new content guys!




Game Day Gay Bareback Videos


After the early birds that you got to see last time, today you can see some game day gay bareback videos with the hot jocks in the dorm and you can probably guess what's happening here. They are celebrating their team winning and that celebration takes the form of a fantastic group fucking action scene with everyone getting involved in it.

Either way it still makes for really great entertainment of course as they are down to fuck and wanted to show if off on video to you guys and gals. So yeah, take your time to watch them retreat to one of the bedrooms and once there, all guys get nude. See them sucking each other off and afterwards one of them gets to let the others fuck him bareback on video. Check out their game day gay group sex session and be sure to come back again soon to see some more!


Gag and Tag Bareback Gangbang

Well everyone, it's time to see some more sex action with this new gag and tag bareback gangbang fuck fest and all the horny guys that got to take part in it too. Let's get the show on the road as we can assure you that you will just love seeing the guys doing some fine fucking here for the afternoon. So without further due, let's check it out going down!

The bareback fuck fest was going down and everyone was eager to take part in it. So yeah, clothes come off and guys starts to stroke their dicks to stay hard for the ass fucking action that they want to take part in here today. So be sure to check out the whole thing without fail as you can bet that you get to have some fantastic gay action going down. Well with that being said, have fun seeing the guys fuck all over the place and come back next week for some more!



Druken Frat Gangbang


Today you get full access to this fresh and hot drunken frat gangbang scene and you get to watch more kinky stuff getting done with these guys here. Rest easy knowing that you have plenty to watch in this one as well with the group of guys having some passionate sex on camera here. So let's get right in it and see what the studs were up to shall we?

One of the guys is really into getting tied up too as you can see and since they were all a bit buzzed they went with it. Watch the gangbang start with the guy on the receiving end starting to suck and slurp on those cocks to make them stand at attention. Then he gets to bend over on the couch and basically lets all the guys take a turn on his ass and put their dicks balls deep in his ass. Enjoy the show with them and see you all next week with another amazing show!


Lit Gay Sleep Porn

Welcome to this week's fresh, new and juicy lit gay sleep porn scene and the group of frat guys that love nothing more than to fuck nice and hard all over the place. The sleeping beauty as you can call it was the one to take it in the ass of course, and his buddies woke him up because they wanted to party this afternoon and his ass is the greatest.

What can we say, we know that you guys love seeing a good group fuck with some fantastic studs going at it nice and hard. And you can see here that the hunks always aim to show off what they can do on camera for everyone to see as well. Just be sure to not skip over all the goodies. Anyway, let's watch them have a lit sex session today after they wake up the guy in the porn scene and you will be seeing him moan in pleasure while he takes those cocks anally!



Frat House Real Gangbang


Another fresh week and time to see another frat house real gangbang go down here with some amazing guys. It's another threesome that gets to be put on display for you all and the thing is that there was another stud too, but he was also fliming the action on a camera today. So yeah, take your sweet time to see the group of fantastic studs fuck!

The action goes down in the living room of the dorm where they usually get to party. But since all the frat guys were mostly gone to classes, the four here had time off to do whatever they wanted with one another. So sit back and relax while the guys get to do their real gangbang here today and watch the frat house rock with their sex. The one guy that gets to bend over takes it in the ass from the other two and loves it too, check it all out and enjoy the action with them!


Extreme Gang Bang

You came in at just the right time to see this extreme gang bang scene and what this fresh group of guys was up to and we can tell you right now that you will not believe your eyes when you get to see them starting to play today. the gang bang scene is delicious in the extreme and you can rest assured that you will just love seeing the action!

The gang bang here is one of the many around the Fraternity X site that are just gorgeous and you know that this site should be your go to place when you want to see hot gay studs fucking hard and all over the place too. The group in this one practically wasted no time with their gang bang and before you know it, you can see the magic happen with them fucking each other nice and hard all over the place today. We'll be sure to bring you much more soon enough!




Little Slut Gay Gang Bang Porn


There's a new little slut gay gang bang porn scene to see today and there's another magic foursome going down in it. More guys that have nothing better to do are getting wild with one another and you have full access to the drop dead gorgeous scene with them here today. Let's just get the show on the road and see them spending this time together!

Well the beds were sure going to be put to some good use today and you can see just why too. The horny guys take their clothes off and get to do oral stuff as well as they need to make 100% sure that those cocks are nice and rock hard for the next part which of course involves asses. Be sure to see the little slut stud getting anally pounded today throughout the whole thing and maybe drop by again next time for even more hot and lovely little sex scenes too!


Frat Bro Fuck

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to this fresh and new frat boy fuck scene. There's a freshman that just moved in and some of the other guys took the time this afternoon to get to play with him. So check it all out and see his fine ass stretched by some nice and big dicks for this one. We bet you won't be able to take your eyes off it!

The frat fuck action is something that you can take your sweet time to experience here today in it's entirety and we know that you will just adore it nonetheless. You know there's always good gay content to see on the site and this right here wasn't an exception either. Let's get right down to business and watch some more frat guys getting down and dirty as they get to have sex all over the place and you can check it all out in some amazing and juicy scenes too!



Smart Ass Tied Up Gangbang


Another fresh week and it's time once more to see a new scene with more passionate gay sex going down as per usual. You can see this smart ass tied up gangbang as the guy in question gets his ass fucked by the rest of the studs. Well he decided to be quite a smart ass as the title said and so the others set out to teach him and his ass a lesson!

They get to take the guy to his room and help him strip first and foremost. Then tape his mouth and tie his hands and have him laying back on the bed. They get around to make him hard teasing his cock too, but he still gets to take it in the ass from them in turns and they get to film it too. And he seems to have had a good time with it as well. Maybe he did this for the attention as he may have been a bit horny and wanted some nice and thick cocks up his ass today!


Most Fucked Up Porn Hole Fucked

The most fucked up porn hole fucked scene is here for you to check out and you most definitely don't want to miss out on this one right here. There's of course group action going down as always and you have plenty of images featuring steamy gay sex to see and check out with the amazing group of guys getting down and dirty for the camera!

The fucked up part of this is that they don't ever seem to rest. The frat guys are always down to have some gay sex and that leads to most of these porn scenes here. Well either way, there's one guy getting his holes fucked and prodded by big cocks and you can see his ass hole penetrated by the other guys. Rest assured that they are quite good and have him moaning during the anal sex in no time. So it seems that the studs found themselves a new man slut here!



Sunday Funday Gay Porn Gangbang


Welcome back guys. There's a fresh and new Sunday funday gay porn gangbang here that went down and it's all been caught on camera as well so that you may enjoy the whole thing too. Let's sit back and watch the guys in their day off courses as they spend it all having sex with one another and filming it all too. So without further due, let the cameras roll!

Sunday funday is coincidentally what they call their free Sundays when they get to do whatever. And like we said, they were down to get to do some fucking here. Clothes came off quite quick as they always do and the man slut among them was ready to get his dicking. Check him out as he gets to bend over and watch him moan in pleasure while he gets his dicking from the rest of the gang today. Check out the rest of these amazing porn shows around here!


Fuck That Ass

Well everyone, here we are and we have more gay sex to show off to you all as always. You know by now that there's always hot and sexy studs that are down to show off every way they like to fuck in for you and they took their sweet time to show off in this new gallery here as well for the afternoon. Let's get right to the action with them and watch!

You get to see them have a guy take them all and they get to fuck that ass with a fury today. They were all turned on with just how eager the guy was to take it balls deep from all of them and they were going to give him everything he wanted and then some. So yeah, watch once more a fantastic gay fuck fest go down and enjoy your stay with this whole thing here today. We'll return shortly with even more to show off so stay tuned guys and gals for that!



Frat Twink Gangbanged


Today was another lazy afternoon and there was a game on TV. So the guys gathered up to watch it all go down and during the game you will also be seeing a frat twink gangbanged by the rest of his fuck buddies here. So yeah, let the show commence and let's not waste time as we bet that you are all super eager to get to see this one unfold here!

The frat twink was getting horny and with the guys checking out the match he couldn't really grab their attention the usual way. So he undressed and bent over in front of the Tv for them. Now he had them hooked on his ass as much as they were hooked on the match so they all took a turn to fuck him in the butt today. By the end of it all his ass is a mess as everyone shot their loads on it. But the gangnaged twink was happy with this juicy result. Check it out!


Get Fucked Gay Fraternity Video

For this week we prepped a fantastic get fucked gay fraternity video for you all and there's no way that you can pass up the chance to check this one out. It's just a video featuring another fantastic group sex scene that you can see and you can bet that you will want more of it by the time it's all said and done. Anyway, let's check it out shall we?

You know that we have the best porn content here with fraternity gay guys getting nasty and you are about to check out another fantastic one here today with some more amazing guys getting wild with one another and showing off what they like to do. Watch that guy get fucked today in every way possible by his horny fuck buddies and enjoy all the things that they get to do on camera. There will be more to see soon as well so we'll see you all then with new stuff!



Passed Out Gangbang Frat Porn


Another fresh week and time to get to see a passed out gangbang frat porn scene with more horny guys. There's this guy that gets to take it in the ass right there on a mattress from his buddies and you can see that they all gathered around to take their turn to fuck him. Check them out making him moan in pleasure for this afternoon!

The thing is that this is one of the better gangbangs we have here and you know that we always bring you quality content with every update. Be ready to see and check out a superbly hot and kinky fuck and to begin with the guys all tease the fucked one with their hands getting all touchy feely and making him excited too. After that you can see them fuck his ass nice and deep right then and there. Have fun with it and see you next week as always everyone!

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