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Fraternity X The Initiation

Anthony met Myles at the Biology class. He seen him looking at some guys butt between classes. After a few weeks Anthony invited this new guy over for the official fraternity initiation. We really love college, and it seems that these guys do so as well. As in this nice scene you can watch some college dudes that are seniors have a nice little initiation party for the freshmen this fine evening. Rest assured that everyone here just loves cocks, and the freshmen are in for one wild night with all of these older and horny studs. Let’s sit back and get this show on the road as you must be really eager to see what went down in the dorm for this fine evening.

the initiation

As the scene starts off, you get to see the freshmen getting some explanations on what’s going to be going down tonight and they seem pretty happy about it themselves. The seniors tell them that the initiation for today is cock sucking, and they have to do a impressive job in order to pass the test. The trick is that it didn’t matter, as long as all of them were ready to get down and suck on some cock tonight. And so you get to see all of the freshmen studs as they take turns to suck on the senior guys’ cocks for this whole update. Sit back and enjoy this blowjob fest and rest assured that we’ll have some more nice scenes for you guys to see next week as well. See you then everyone! Wanna see other sexy gay guys fucking each other’s tight ass? If you do, you might visit theguysite!

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