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In this frat x video, we got more fraternity x guys banging one another. The guys just found out that one of their boys, Riley was a fucking nark and he just snitched on them. So the guys grabbed a couple of beers and got everyone together. Riley was going to have a night he won’t forget to soon and the boys made sure of that. At first, he didn’t understand what was going on but one of the guys told him. He knew the guys weren’t going to let him off too easily and they didn’t. The guys accepted a lot of things in their house but snitches aren’t really welcome, so before they let him go they had to teach him a lesson about keeping your mouth shut. Never snitch out your frat bros no matter what! The frat guys started taking turns on shoving their dick in Riley’s mouth and up his tight ass. That night the guys found out the Riley is a real screamer. After what happened here he surely isn’t going to snitch on the guys too soon. See you guys next time! Check out the shemale idol blog if you wanna see some hot shemales getting their big dicks sucked!

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