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FraternityX – New House Bitch

Last updated: August 15th, 2017

The guys did it again. It was Wednesday and it was time for another fraternityx update! The guys found another freshman to fuck and at least this one didn’t scream. They were on the campus looking for a fresh ass to bang and everyone knows that the freshmen are the easiest to convince. The guys saw this guy sitting all alone at a table so they went over, introduced themselves and then invited him over to their frat house. The poor guy didn’t know what he was getting into. He only spends a few days there and didn’t really know anyone that could give him a heads up about their fraternity x house. So he is in for a really big surprise!

He didn’t hear about their frat house so he didn’t have any ideas of what was going on there. The pretty little freshman figured it all out once he entered the house and saw two guys randomly fucking in the living room. Cooper looked just like a girl when the guys started fucking him from behind. Like we said earlier at least the new doesn’t cry like most of the bitches they bring to their frat house. The guys took turns on banging his freshman ass and you can see it all below. You can see them in action in the scene below and make sure you check out some of the older updates!


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Fresh College Meat

Last updated: March 16th, 2017

The frat guys got some fresh meat to bang. Ian is the house bitch and he got his tight hole loosen up in this latest fraternityx update. The guys are done banging chick so they had to find fresh meat to bang around the house. Ian just transferred to their college and the guys made sure he joined their frat house. He was too hot to miss and the guys were lucky enough to convince him to join their house. Ian didn’t really know how things work around the house but he got to find out the hard way. He heard some really crazy stories about the house but he couldn’t believe them, although they were true.

After the guys started drinking and got buzzed they were turned on so they welcomed Ian the best way they knew. You already know that the guys love their fresh meat and it was time to try out their newest member. The frat guys took turns in banging his tight asshole while he was bent over the fraternity couch. Ian took it way better than the guys expected, no screaming, no duct type, nothing. You can check out Ian in the video and don’t forget to get back for more steamy gay frat fuck scenes. Enjoy it and see you guys later with more updates!


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FraternityX Ass Bashing

Last updated: March 2nd, 2017

Our boy Tyler is back with another hard fuck in this fraternityx video. It was Tyler’s day to clean the house when he got fucked. The guys had a schedule for the new guys, they were in charge with cleaning the house, so each day there was a guy cleaning up their mess. Today was Tyler’s day and he was in a hurry and didn’t notice that the guys were watching tv while he was cleaning so they had to teach him another lesson. Poor Tyler, he really is the house bitch.

The guy just can’t catch a break with these frat guys. The guys were watching a fight on TV and just when it was about to end he blocked the TV. The guys were so pissed that they all jumped on him, pinned his ass down and shoved their cocks in his ass. Tyler got his face pounded too, slapped his ass. The guys nailed his really good this time. No matter what you do you just can’t do it right with these guys,you’re always one step away from getting fucked. You never know what crossed their mind and before you know it you are on the ground getting you ass hammered for no particular reason. And that’s why we love these guys so much. They fuck all day and send us all their crazy videos.

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Fucked Up

Last updated: February 16th, 2017

The fraternity guys found a new bitch for their house. This guy was just transferred to their school and from what they heard this guy likes riding dicks and he couldn’t get enough. He joined the frat and in his first night there he got to know the guys. Well, he got to know them more that they actually wanted too but no one is complaining. When you’re the new guy you want to get well with the older guys so this worked out great for everyone. And it’s not like the new guy didn’t like getting his ass fucked! Maybe a little heads up would’ve been in order, but it still went great.

This guy went crazy on them and started taking turns on riding their dicks like they were elevators. He really couldn’t get enough of them. The guys just laid back and got their cocks sucked. The new guy then threw his fine ass to the ground and then the frat guys drilled this guy’s hole. One of the frat bros covered his loud mouth so the guys couldn’t hear him screaming. This was an epic update and you check it out to see how this ended in this crazy fraternityx update. Enjoy it!


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Last updated: February 7th, 2017

Fraternity X is back with more horny frat guys banging one another’s ass in hardcore gay sex scenes. The frat guys just won’t stop and they always find someone to fuck around with. One of the guys was low on cash they guys let him stay in the frat house only if he turns into their bitch. All day, every day at their disposal until he can find the money to pay them back. The frat guys just love these situations where they have a guy doing whatever they want. Having a butler around the frat house and this guy was hot too so it was really nice seeing him all day long and getting to fuck him whenever you want. 

He took it although it wasn’t the ideal way but this it was something. So the frat guys had a fresh new face to cum on and a nice tight asshole to fuck all month long. They knew he needed some time to gather the money so they got to fuck him every single time they wanted until he finally paid off. This is how they pay their rent around the frat house. Enjoy it!



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Frat X Video

Last updated: January 18th, 2017

In this frat x video, we got more fraternity x guys banging one another. The guys just found out that one of their boys, Riley was a fucking nark and he just snitched on them. So the guys grabbed a couple of beers and got everyone together. Riley was going to have a night he won’t forget to soon and the boys made sure of that. At first, he didn’t understand what was going on but one of the guys told him. He knew the guys weren’t going to let him off too easily and they didn’t. The guys accepted a lot of things in their house but snitches aren’t really welcome, so before they let him go they had to teach him a lesson about keeping your mouth shut. Never snitch out your frat bros no matter what! The frat guys started taking turns on shoving their dick in Riley’s mouth and up his tight ass. That night the guys found out the Riley is a real screamer. After what happened here he surely isn’t going to snitch on the guys too soon. See you guys next time! Check out the shemale idol blog if you wanna see some hot shemales getting their big dicks sucked!

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FraternityX Videos

Last Updated: January 18th, 2017

The New Guy. Check out these fraternityx videos! We got some brand new meat today. Travis is this new hot bi-curious fellow on the campus. We invited him to the fraternity x house for some beverages and next we made the move. His butt hole was real tight and we had to work on loosening it a bit. Well being curious has it’s advantages around all of these other studs, and as you will see they take care to teach this new guy everything there is to know about gay sex and anal pleasure today. So just sit back and let’s get this superb show started without further due.

The cameras start rolling, and as you can see, our horny studs are already at it. The three guys were all alone in the room, and they make sure to use lots of lube for the new guy’s ass as they fuck him. You get to see that hunk as he moans in pleasure while getting his butt hole stretched today and rest assured that we’ll have him here once more in the future. We’re sure of it. Until then enjoy his little scene and do make sure to check out those past updates as well. We promise that you’ll love them as you will also get to see more horny and hot studs as they fuck and suck some big dicks in every scene. Like the guys from the kristen bjorn blog, these hot studs are crazy about fuckin in front of the video camera! Bye bye everyone!


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Fraternity X videos

Dustin wound up crashing at the fraternity x videos house again a week ago. The subsequent morning, the frat guys were not nice to him. Studs Cody, Scotty and Angelo took turns in face fucking and hammering both his holes. Almost through this gangbang, Roman took a break as holding a video camera. There exists a rule in this fraternityx house, if you wuss out within a party – you get screwed! The guys thought he required a little wash before breaking him in. We do not care how it’s offered, we simply like beer! And you will absolutely adore this scene. So watch the whole video and see some nice and hot fuck scenes.


As you loved each and every one of our super hot and sexy group fuck scenes, today you get to see some more nice videos with lots of guys going balls deep in each other’s asses. Today’s attraction in this scene is one of the studs that’s very cock hungry and the others? Well they line up behind him to get to fuck that nice and tight little ass for this hot afternoon. Enjoy the video everyone and rest easy cowing that the guy got his fill of big cocks as he got fucked by all the guys in the room in his ass. We will be waiting for your return next week with some more fresh and hot videos guys. See you then!

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FraternityX – party foul 2

It was Friday evening and a few of the fraternityx – party foul 2 were getting foolish in the downstairs room. Right after chatting some shit and drinking hard, they felt like screwing their assholes.  This hot guy acts he’s blowing cock however he really loves being fucked. Tyler has no mercy in these fraternity x videos. He is hot shit, and the frat dudes all want his dick. Things got real crazy when Roman got a bit tired and the rule is, when you get tired – you get hammered! Kristen Bjorn is a good dick sucker. That is certainly what happed in these hot videos. And as another fresh week started we though that these two studs would do nicely to entertain you with their nice scene.

Kristen is a pro at sucking cock like we said, and today you simply can’t miss seeing him as he sucks and slurps on his fuck buddy’s big dick. You get to see him then getting his cock sucked as well, but the thing is that for today he is on the receiving end as the guy just wants to fuck a nice and tight butt. So watch him laying back on the sofa, and see him spreading his legs wide open for the other guys as well, as he won’t be taking his dicking from simply one dude today. Enjoy as he moans in pleasure while the dick goes balls deep in his ass and see it creamed for the end of this nice and superb little scene today. Bye bye everyone and enjoy!

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Fraternity X the after party

Fraternity X the after party, one of the dorm-mates, Dayton chosen to bang the heck out of this sexy fellow. They shagged right there while other two dudes were sleeping on their beds near them. Our pal really plowed this dude’s butt hard and finally all that wailing woke up the other folks. They joined the gay fun and fed his mouth and butthole using their large dicks. All three dudes plastered their jizz loads all over this guy’s face. And this nasty fellow guzzled back every single drop. Do not miss the next video. So as in this nice and fresh scene we have lots and lots of horny guys, you get to see another nice and hard group fuck today. So let’s get started without delay.


In this scene we have a group of four horny and hot stud that will go down on one another for this whole scene, and rest assured that you will be in for one superb and sexy scene with all of them. You get to see a nice and hard fuck fest with four guys that get down and dirty and this whole show is full of ass fucking and cock sucking. So just sit back and watch as these guys get a taste for one another’s dicks and see them fuck each other’s tight asses nice and hard just for your viewing pleasure. As always we hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll be seeing you guys next time with some more fresh content. Don’t forget that you can find similar material inside the site! Goodbye everyone and enjoy the show!

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